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A special column of the music general counsellor of Morriunion
The Chinese famous specialists and pioneer for research on film music
Mr. Yang dalin and Ms. Yang dong
The Chinese famous specialists and pioneer for research on film music  The married couple Mr.Yang dalin and Ms.Yang dong
The Chinese famous specialists and pioneer for research on film music
The host of Beijing radio and TV station and so on.
The music general counsellor of "China Morricone Fans Association"
The married couple Mr.Yang dalin and Ms.Yang dong
Their E-mail
A biographical notes of Mr. Yang dalin
Yangdalin Was born October 1949 in Beijing. Join China northeast building corps in 1969. was transferred to China central philharmonic and hold the post of German translator in 1985. Then has been specially engaged in study of a problem "The relationship between film and music" and comment and introduce of film music

To start studying the film music in medium of 1980s. To plan and launch an early spring Concert of former Central Philharmonic in January 1993, and start studying world excellent film music; In the same year, again planned and organized 5 concerts crowned with POPS of former Central Philharmonic that is first time in China, it arose strong echo of Beijing's media and perform market in the whole nation; In the November of same year, joined Second China film festival in Guangzhou and performed "The pacific gold autumn night" concert, to try again drawing near distance between music and the masses; Period first united performing month of China culture ministry in June 1998, planned and organized " Summer melody -- opera in film" POPS concert. Planned and organized " The theme music in the world classical film--wide screen symphonic concert for seeing and hearing", it was performed hundreds times in whole nation. Assume the office of general plan and theater director in the " Symphonic screen -- the classical music of film" hold by China Philharmonic in Beijing music hall, then road show in Shenzhen, Hangzhou and so on.

To become a column writer of "Music weekly","Film and TV music" from October 1997 to December 2008. Published many series enjoy, analyzed and commented articles about film music in the newspapers and periodicals "The present age film","China screen","HIFI acoustics","Guangming Daily","Literature report" and so on. And often introduce the film music and classical music of the film in main media of central and Beijing; To hold series of lectures about enjoy film music by request of China television artist association, Science and technologic department of CCTV, Renmin University of China, China literature museum( cooperation with hundred forum of CCTV) and so on. To establish successively a elective course in film music at Beijing international relation institute, Graduate student department of China film library and art institute of China media university

To participate in planning and making a special program " The traditional incidental music in film" and "The classical music in film" of CCTV "Music Hall" in 2003. When 15th channel (Music channel)of CCTV launch on March 29,2004, participating establish " Television Gramophone" column and assume the office of planner and main writer

To start becoming a full-time announcer of the "Person" program of CCTV 10th channel from July 2001, and then expand to other columns, included many large size and series programs example 30 set series TV "The Mao Zedong in the my eyes" made by the Sun TV, the serial TV for centennial of Dengxiaoping "Xiaoping ten chapter" made by Hunan TV, "Art Life", "A song of forest", "The revitalization of the Northeast","The KUN Opera 600 years"and "Hello, Hong Kong".... and "Record of the 20th century disasters" of Weather Channel and so on.

From June 1998 to July 2007, made and broadcast a series broadcast program " Enjoy and analyze for worldwide excellence film music" (Later renamed "Music wave in screen sea")of Beijing music radio with his wife and partner Ms. Yangdong, spread propaganda without sparing any effort best use of excellent incidental music and classical music in film of world film history, with a view to promoting China's modern film and television music of healthy development.

A biographical notes of Ms. Yang dong

Yangdong woman, was born August 1968 in Yulin of Guangxi province. Order graduate from the music department of Guangxi art institute and the refresh class of music department of Beijing broadcast institute

To engage broadcast, presided over and directed work of various TV program in the Guangxi TV station, Nanning TV station, Guangdong zhanjing TV station from 1988. Has not only accumulated a wealth experience for planning, production and of presiding over of various types of television program, and also have an excellent ability to presided over , planning all types of social evening and concerts ,at the same time hold the post of a soprano solo

Have been invited to hold the post of hostess in the Guangzhou tour concert with new spring of Hong Kong artistes Chengkuian and singer Xuqiuyi, hostess and soprano solo for large size of tour show of famous actor "Six well-known younger children", hostess for " Beijing Classical Guitar Recital" of China Guitarist Yangxuefei, hostess for "Symphony of the screen - the film's classical music" of China Symphony Orchestra in 2006 and so on. To hold the post of writer and hostess for the "China tour concert" of Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia, Belarus and Alexander Red Ballet Troupe, Hollywood Festival Orchestra and so on period 2000-2003 year

To participate in plan and made the special program " The classical incidental music in film" and " The classical music in film" of CCTV "Music Hall" in 2003. When 15th channel (Music channel)of CCTV launch on March 29,2004, participating establish " Television Gramophone" column and assume the office of main director and main writer

Took part in revising and clip Synthesis the 46 set of thematic series "Memorandum of Chinese cultural relics" made by the DAYE Television Ltd.of "People's Daily", and won the award of " Five-0ne project"; To start cooperating with Yangdalin from January 2000 CO-chair of "The world's best film music appreciation" (namely " Music wave in screen sea")of Beijing Music Radio, and hold the post of writer and editor. As a member of "Yangdalin studio of research on film music" in the same time, take part a research on " The relation between music and frame" question. Meanwhile has been engaged in learning skills about bel canto and opera.

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Reference information:Relational report in China media (Sorry only Chinese)
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The Establishment of the Music Style of the Italian Spaghetti Westerns film
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Yangdalin and Yangdong
A thinking about "Malena"---- Italy-US co-production film "Malena" first analysis
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A programs of Mr. Yangdalin in Beijing network on May 19,2009 (Video in online)
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More about Mr.Yang Dalin and Ms. Yang Dong see here (Chinese) >>>>>>
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